April 17, 1997 After six days without sun, I was finally able to photograph the finished dial.

    The dial from the south

    View from the south. The time is just before 11:45

    The flags are those of the State of Florida and the United States of America.

    This calls for A Party. Strike up the band and listen to the Beatles' Here Comes the Sun.

    A view from the side
    View from the south west. The time is approaching 2:30
    Note the dial continues on the board fence.

    March 20,1998 - the performance of the dial during its first year. The hour lines were consistently accurate. When making the Trigon with my small clockmaker's machinery I encountered some problems laying out and machining the parts of the device necessary to produce the seasonal lines and curves. On the finished dial the winter solstice and equinox were reasonably accurate, the summer solstice less so. A bit of "tweaking" of the position of the node brought all the seasonal shadows within a half-inch or so of dead center. The results of the experimental dial were satisfactory, and some improvements to the seasonal adjustments of the Trigon will produce an instrument which will, as advertised, "draw a sundial on a Buick".

    The taped lines themselves have faded slightly.

    Here is a Summary of this project including construction details, problems, and solutions.

    And here is an article from the Miami Herald about this dial and my other dialling activities.

    What do you think about it?

    Please tweak the tub and send Mail a message to Bob Terwilliger.

    I would like to to thank my neighbor, the artist Pepín, for his assistance throughout this project. It was he who originally found the hot tub. Thanks also to the the Legend himself at Legend Design and Production for the use of his scanner.

    Keep on truckingto see the destruction!! of the Hot Tub