Begun in 1996, there are now over 340 portraits in this collection, but there are still many Heroes who deserve to be represented and I need your help. The collection is weak (but getting better) in important German, Swiss, and French horologists. Oriental and Arabic Heroes are completely unrepresented, and I am particularly interested in anyone associated with sundials. I prefer raw scans in jpg format - I will crop and size. If you would like to contribute portraits, please send a message to Bob Terwilliger.

Thanks to:

  John R. Vig
   for the Atomic Horologists.

   Juergen Ermert
   for 63 Heroes added June 1998.

   Chris Bailey of the American Clock & Watch Museum
   for 9 Heroes added December 2003.

  Piet Andriessen for many important European watchmakers
  and horologists begun December 2006 and continuing.

  Website: C. Andriessen & Zn

  And your host, Bob Terwilliger

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