The Horolovar 400-Day Repair Guide

In 1970 The Repair Guide was in its 5th Edition 3rd Printing
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covers of all the Horolovar Repair Guides

The 8th edition of the Repair Guide was the last edition to be strictly a "Repair Guide". Having offered a leatherback limited edition he was obviously pleased with it. When the 9th edition went to press in 1984 the 8th had been in print for six years.

The 9th edition was more than a repair guide. See the new sections included.

400-Day clocks were going to be around for a long time and perhaps he knew his book would needed for just as long; so he decided to put as much information as he had into a book that in some form or other might be in print forever.

Horolovar 400-Day Clock Repair Guide
1984 - 9th Edition
Author: Charles Terwilliger
Editors: Robert Terwilliger, Gene Waggaman
Escapement Section: Henry B. Fried
Photography: Charles Terwilliger, Peter Ireland
Design: John Harrington

Publisher: The Horolovar Company
ISBN: 0-916316-04-1
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 83-81592

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The 400-Day Clock Repair Guide (10th Edition)
By Charles Terwilliger,
Edited by Bill Ellison

Repair tips, identification guide, parts lists, trouble shooting and more. 237 pages, hard cover. 10th edition(latest). If you are doing any 400 day clock repair, this book is a must have.