Horolovar Reproductions of American Clocks

The Horolovar Flying Pendulum Clock

in 1959, The Horolovar Company made arrangements with Gebr. Staiger, clock factory in St. Georgen, Germany, to have an original New Haven Clock Company "Flying Pendulum Clock" reproduced.

The Reproduction shown here, made its first appearance in the United States in 1960, Since then The Horolovar Company has sold the clock in the United States, and the factory, licensed by Horolovar, has exported it to dealers in many other countries. By the end of 1967, over 10,000 people had enjoyed "Ignatz".

Scientists have developed the atomic clock, accurate to one second in four hundred years, but people are happy to live with "Ignatz", which may gain or lose twenty minutes a day, even when carefully regulated.

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Dickory Dickory Dock Clock Dickory Dickory Dock Clock
ca. 1966

Charles wrote a full volume supplement to the
NAWCC Bulletin - "Elmer Ellsworth Dungan
and the Dickory Dickory Dock Clock"

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Plato Clock

The Plato Clock

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for a number of references.
The HOROLOVAR Anno 1492 Columbus Clock Reproduction
HOROLOVAR Anno 1492 Columbus Clock The Horolovar Anno 1492 Columbus Clock Is a faithful reproductionof the original American clock made for the 1893Columbian Exposition However, the reproduction is made of sterner stuff than was available in the 1890's. Carefully fabricated by the Adolf Held Company, an established Black Forest manufacturer of wooden wheel clocks, the Horolovar reproduction has been made under quality controls unknown in 1893

All of the wood has been kiln-dried and chemically impregnated to prevent expansion, contraction, and warping. The bushings and escape teeth are made of long-lasting, practically frictionless nylon.

The HOROLOVAR Briggs Rotary Pendulum Clock Reproduction
The HOROLOVAR Briggs Rotary Pendulum Clock

The reproduction made by the factory of Tobias Baeuerle & Söhne, St. Georgen Germany

Briggs Rotary Pendulum Clock

The original made by the E. N. Welch Manufacturing Company ca. 1856.

Charles wrote an article about rotary pendulum clocks including the Briggs for the NAWCC Bulletin. The article is in two parts.
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