Welcome to Twig's Digs!
The Homepage of
Robert Terwilliger
Security by Wellington Boots,
The all-purpose cat

I am a Certified Master Clockmaker
Doing business in Coconut Grove, Florida

See a biography of my father
Charles Terwilliger,
Horological inventor, entrepreneur, author, and publisher

I maintain two sites monitoring the weather.
Weather in Coconut Grove
and vicinity.
Activity in the tropics  If something's brewing this is the place to be

Some of my interests
                Horology                    Sundials Stuff!!        
Castles and Fortifications Carlos Santana plays my Strat

I used to have a band! Here are A Few Good Tunes we played -
in their original versions as found on YouTube.

My musical past seems to be catching up to me. In the seventies (before the band above)
I played bass in a LOUD rock trio called FREELOVE The leader went by the name of Freddy Freelove, and he recently made a Facebook page about the band. The old house featured was known as "Twig Hollow" I lived there for sixteen years starting in 1968 ($75 a month). Freddy was my neighbor during the Freelove era.

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